Saturday, February 12, 2011

who's up for round 2 :)

So If you have not herd Michael and i are going to have another baby!!! I am 14 weeks and i am due Aug. 9th...and we are so excited! Halle is also...she is always singing to the baby and wanting to feed it things threw my bellybutton (um...little awkward :)...but so cute) Halle is always saying baby come out....poor girl she is going to have to wait quite sometime. We have heard the babies heart beat a few times now and she tells EVERYONE i heard the babies heart BEEP :) Halle makes this preg. so much fun and she makes Michael and i even more excited!!! In our last check up we found out that we will being finding out the sex of the baby March 10th...and then the real fun begins! Pics. will be coming soon :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

We had a very fun Halloween. We tried to hit up all if the fun thing they had around town and we got some fun pictures to share. Halle was a pirot and i must say she was the cutes one i have ever seen :)....but she did not like to dress up so we ditched the hat and the hook :)
This was are trunk for the trunk or Treat...this was the first year cowley did it and i loved it and so did Halle she got so much candy in a short amount of time :)
Here Is halle ready to put the candles in the pumpkins
My Pumpkin

Halle and Michaels Pumpkin

Mommy and Halle

Daddy and Halle
It is so crazy that Halloween is over and now i am thinkin about Thanks Giving and then Halle's Birthday which is crazy because she is turning the BIG 2!!! She had Grown up way to fast and she is such a sweet and fun little girl!!! Michael and i love her so much!!! Well That was are Halloween and i hope everyone had a good one!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yard Work



Michael and i planted grass last summer and we have been waiting to put some shrubs and trees in so when it started to get nice we jumped on the opportunity. We have really loved having grass and a fun place to play outside!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Merry Christmas everyone....sorry i am a little late. I must say though that we had a great is always so fun seeing friends and Family! To start off our Christmas we went over to my mom's new house and opened the gifts form the brothers and sister and form my mom! The grand kids also open there grandma gifts! then off to caroling with the welch and croft family! Next we went to Grandalen's and ate dinner and had a little program...a game a tout them was called pass the bloomers the game is kinda like musical chairs but you pass around a wrapped gift and you tell them who ever the box land on in the 4th round then you have to where what is in this you turn on the music and the game begins. On the 4th round the box landed on Michael's grandpa his face turned bright red! But i was nice i had wrapped a snicker candy bar that said it would have really made me snicker seeing you in wear those bloomers! we was really happy that her did not have to wear the bloomers! After everyone left we set out the gifts

Halle's Santa gift
Then Christmas morning after we opened our gifts we went to my G&G Crofts for Christmas breakfast. It was lots of fun but kinda sad because this is going to be the last Christmas Breakfast and they had been doing it for 35 years! (CRAZY)
Then of course we went to dinners with at my mom's house with the Lynams and everyone knows that is going to be a great time! Christmas was so great this year (well like every year) I love seeing everyone and of course the gifts! Halle made it extra special for Michael and i! I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Halle helping daddy
my mom and brother
Halle's Favorite Men :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Winter "one"derland

Happy Birthday Halle

Halle Digging in :)

All the cousins

Halle's #1

Halle with G&G Croft

Halle's Personal Cake

THis was the first cake i ever made :) (ps i do make michael a cake but he always likes cheese cake for his birthday)
Where has the year gone Halle has turned 1 on Dec. 18th and it just seems like yesterday we were bring her back for the hospital. Time flies even faster when you have a baby! Halle is such a joy in our lives. She has brought Michael and i so much closer and much more them a couple we are now a family! Halle can make us smile on a drop of a hat....she is our little jokster and we love ever minute of it! I would have to say that Michael and i were very blessed halle is such a good girl except with sleeping....she is getting better! :)
I also wanted to thank everyone for coming to halle's first you can tell from the name we haad a Winter"1"derland party for her! there was so many people and she really got spoiled! Happy Birthday Love!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Fun!!!!

Halle went and saw Santa Claus and i was pleasantly surprised...she did not cry...but she did not smile either! It was so funny because all she wanted to do it play with Santa's beared!

Hear is halle right before she sate on Santa's lap...her dad was down below and she really wanted him to come save her...she is such a daddy's girl!

lori and i Made the wreath...i think it turned out way cute!!!

It getting to look a lot like Christmas around our house...i love decorating for the holidays. I wish i could have went all out but Michael says we will get a little at a time! Which i guess i agree with :) We also did put up some light but i have not taken a pic. of them yet...Michael did a great job putting them on thought...i will post a pic. soon!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Michael's 25th Birthday!

Friday Dec. 11th was Michael's birthday! It was so much fun we all went to the lamp lighter and then topped off the night with ALL of the fam. coming over to our house for cheese cake (made from scratch) and ice cream ( not made from scratch :)) It is always so fun to get together with family!
Michael, is such a wonderful husband, daddy, and person!!! We just love him so much...he is such a hard worker (maybe to hard). I can truly say he is my EVERYTHING and i don't know what i would do with out him! Babe, i hope you had a wonderful birthday and always know that Halle and i love you so so so much!!! Happy Birthday babe!!!